Friday, September 10, 2010

Gordon Voidwell - Voided Checks Mixtape

Gordon Voidwell - The Voided Check Mixtape


Met this dude on a crazy 15 hour job, lots of downtime, and a new friendship occured.
Imagine everything you love about electro hip hop, funk R & B and combine that into one
talented, funny ass, extremely witty,  dude.

Not to be confused with the Gordon Gartrell shirt Theo bought on  The Cosby Show.

He is the real deal, 100% legit, amazing musician, songwriter,  singer & all around good dude.

From his bio:
Will Johnson and his alter-ego, Gordon Voidwell, are a lot things – a trained vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and even published fashion writer. Just like the man behind the moniker, Voidwell’s retro-futuristic pop is a unique yet unified blend of various styles. He combines the silky vocals of 80’s funk and R&B singers with infectious electro beats and a hip-hop swagger that flows effortlessly from the native New Yorker.

“I love this shit. I play it on my radio show, in my house AND in my sets”
—MARK RONSON (Grammy Award-winning Producer Of The Year)

“Gordon Voidwell’s rumbling analog funk, combined with his elastic voice sounds instantly familiar and instantly likable”

“New York's Best Up And Comer”
—Huffington Post

Go see him live if you can
10/06 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/07 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/08 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/09 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bobby Day "Just A Feeling In The Ghetto (Parts 1 & 2)" Byrdland Records

This record blew me away. You MUST DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!

The vocals are 100 times louder than the music.
It doesn't seem to be recorded very well, but there is something in the groove that hypnotizes me.
The drummer is amazing, the bass player, keys. EVERYTHING.
Los Angeles lo-fi funk obscurity from the same man as the cut "Your Love" 45.
Really odd, moody vibe on this one, doesn't turn up much at all.

I believe Oliver Wang over at SoulSides
is selling this record (and other amazing slices of vinyl) on ebay.
There are audio clips as well so you can hear what you are getting

Here is the link to this particular records auction home

Check it out and soul sides.

Artist: Bobby Day

Tracks: Just A Feeling In The Ghetto (Parts 1 & 2)
Label: Byrdland
Record Condition: NM/NM with slight dish warp not affecting play

Right click, save as, you know the drill....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Jeff is from Kearny, NJ and plays really sad folk-esque songs like early SEBADOH or NEIL YOUNG. I've recieved letters from people saying they literally cried because the songs were so sad. I found that odd. Nowadays, everyone and their father has a solo project. Jeff did it before it was cool. (Troubleman Unlimited Wesbite)

This is  a sampling of my favorite songs from this CD. Mostly culled from the sessions at Dave Lerner's with Dave on Bass and my brother Gregg on Drums. Done live in his basement. One take. PERFECT. He was New Jersey's own J Mascis combined with Neil Young.

Everything abou tthis makes me think of my early 20's. Not having a care in the world. Every band wanted to be the craziest, the loudest, the screamiest. Jeff had it right. Always did.

He's hilarious and a nice guy, to boot. These songs got me through some tough times...
If you get  a chance to see them play live, you should. It's a good time.

Here are some vids too.

No Fun Camp

Friday, March 26, 2010

CONGRATS! MaybeGremlinsMakeTurkey LEAK

CONGRATS! MaybeGremlinsMakeTurkey LEAK

so yeah
my clues are dumb, but if you wanna hear it before it comes out on APRIL 13th
be my guest
warning, it's a weird one

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Want - Greatest Hits Volume 5

The Want - Greatest Hits Volume 5

I first heard this album at my friend Tim's house. I was asleep, and woke up in the morning to this balsting amd a fresh pot of coffee. I was thinking to myself, whoah, I have never heard this album before, I wonder who it is... what year its from... turns out these guys lived in my own back yard. It wasn't a 70's forgotten record that I thought I just missed somehow. THIS WAS NEW! The sounds on it were amazing DRUMS BASS GUITAR VOCALS, all recorded amazingly!

Here are links to 2 videos, maybe some of the only known footage of them

With a little research, I tracked down all their stuff, and its all good! Too bad they didn't get more popular, because they were the shit.

If you like Zep, Sabbath, Humble Pie, you will not be dissapoitned. One of my fav cd's. Plus Jeff & Adam are good dudes to boot!

The Want was an American stoner/blues rock band from Union, New Jersey.
The Want put out two albums in the 90s but are best remembered for their "greatest hits" compilation on Southern Lord Records released in 2000. They draw heavily from 70s influences (Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are usually noted and have been criticized for being too loyal to their roots.

The Want released their debut album, 5 O'Clock Orange, in 1996 on Mack-Daddy Records. A follow-up, Acid Millennium, was released the following year. In 2000 Southern Lord Records released a compilation of songs from the first two albums with the misleading title Greatest Hits Vol. 5. They also recorded "Let the Music Do the Talking," which appeard on Right in the Nuts, a tribute to Aerosmith released by Small Stone Records.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe - 1968

Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe - 1968

Would You Believe is an album by Billy Nicholls recorded in 1968.

I'm kinda diggin it right now. The vinyl just sold for like $9,000,000 doll hairs on ebay.
thats alot of money

Billy Nicholls was originally hired by Andrew Loog Oldham as a staff writer for Oldham's Immediate Records. Oldham was so entranced by the Beach Boys' 1966 album, Pet Sounds that he enlisted songwriter Billy Nicholls to record a British response, which became this largely forgotten album. The Small Faces' Steve Marriott can be heard very prominently on "Would You Believe?", despite Oldham's attempts to drown them out with heavy orchestration. Oldham wanted this to be the British Pet Sounds but financial difficulties with the label caused it to be shelved (it only achieved an initial promotional run of 100 copies, as Immediate IMCP009) before it ever hit the streets.

Great Prank Phone Calls - Neil Hamburger

Great Prank Phone Calls - Neil Hamburger

Words can not describe how funny this is.

Great collection of prank calls by comedian Neil Hamburger and the infamous underground prankster and head of the now defunct Armarillo records Gregg Turkington. These are hillarious phone calls made to businesses, comedy clubs, and pizza joints in the bay area. There are few people better at the prank call than Gregg Turkington, and on this album he is at his best. And for Neil Hamburger enthusiasts this is where his comedy career started, by making prank calls. All in all a classic comedy album, and a must for any prank call comedy enthusiast.

I'm In Your Band
Cancel It!
Hijinx and a Child
A Score to Settle
Blood Pizza
Graduate of Yaoo
(Write My) Name on the Toilet
You're Not Good Enough
A Special Request
Rock and Roll
Pickle Potato
The Man from HOTT
Music of the Night
 A Nationally-Known Comedian
 I Got Shot
Nude Models
Nobody Seem to Love Me
SF Hotline
Pablo Cruise Fan Club

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sufjan Stevens invites you to: Come on feel the Illinoise.

Yes. Everyone knows this record. Or maybe they don't BUT THEY SHOULD
This record is perfect from start to finish.
If you don't think so, there is something wrong with you and I don't really care to be your pal or buddy
At work we used to listen to this at 4:00 PM EVERYDAY
It was the Power Hour.

Don't be a jerk, download and enjoy!

Illinois was featured on top album lists for 2005 in various publications.
On Metacritic, Illinois is listed as the best-reviewed album of 2005
It was also ranked "Album of the Year" by Pitchfork Media,'s editors, Entertainment Weekly's Chris Willman, and The Los Angeles Times’ Richard Cromelin, among others
Pitchfork Media reviewed the album, giving it a 9.2 out of 10.

Sufjan Stevens invites you to: Come on feel the Illinoise:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



This is just amazing. Your kids will love it. You will love it. Casey has been getting into Yellow Submarine, so I am trying to get him some cool cartoons that don't offend my senses. If you don't know what "The Point" should

The Point! is a fable and the sixth album by American songwriter and musician Harry Nilsson about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, where by law everyone and everything had to have a point.

The film version of The Point! first aired February 2, 1971, at 7:30pm on the ABC television network as an ABC Movie of the Week. The film was directed by Fred Wolf and produced by Murakami-Wolf Films in association with Nilsson House Music. In this version, there is a framing device of a father telling his son the fable as a bedtime story. In its initial airing, the voice of the father was provided by Dustin Hoffman, but for contractual reasons later airings of the film could not use Hoffman's voice and it had to be re-recorded. The initial re-recording was done by actor Alan Barzman. The VHS and DVD releases feature Ringo Starr as the father. Another version, seen on cable television in the '80s and '90s, featured narration by Alan Thicke. The voice of the son, and of Oblio, was provided by Mike Lookinland, an actor best known as young Bobby Brady on the television series The Brady Bunch.

The Nilsson album called The Point! features the same songs as the film, and the same basic fable. However, the framing device of the father and son is discarded, and Nilsson himself tells the story directly to the listener, providing all the characters' voices as well as the narration.

A comic storyboard was included with the vinyl album when it was first released, enabling the listener to be more engaged in the story. If you like them, BUY THEM!

For more cool things for kids and parents visit:

This blog is run by my dear friend Jaimie, mama of two wee ones.
She loves Led Zeppelin, plays drums and doesn't get mad when you yell JAMES at her, as I have on many occasions.
She really has a knack of telling it how it is.
Go visit her, and  her shopping blog for cool moms (none of which read my drivel)

Monday, March 15, 2010

MGMT "Congratulations" & "Flash Delirium" NEW TRACKS

Here are two new tracks from MGMT's new album CONGRATULATIONS
Enjoy, bitches.
Flash Delirium

Pre Order The ridiculous album here:
The vinyl is the way to go.

Includes: 12" Double LP pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl,
Limited Edition Scratch Off Cover
Digital Download Card Included
Add a limited edition lithograph $4**

From NY MAG:
The second track to surface off the band's sophomore album, "Congratulations" is slow, surprisingly un-electronic, and almost Bowie or Elton John–ish — but in an odd way. Something we can imagine scrolling past, quickly, on an oldies radio station. Fans of the band's glittery party-dance sound will likely be disappointed. The album, also called Congratulations, comes out April 13.
This 4 minute and 16 second pop song “Flash Delirium” finds the guys blasting off into some DayGlo Bowie-tinged psychedelia. It’s all over the place. That said, remember the collection was recorded by ex-Spacemen 3 astronaut Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom) with mixing by Flaming Lips secret weapon David Fridmann. The 3:30 mark is a nod to a pop song I can’t place right now. They also borrowed someone’s flute.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tracy Morgan I AM THE NEW BLACK Audio Book

Tracy Morgan I AM THE NEW BLACK Audio Book

Read by the man himself.

Why aren't you listening to this right now?
The man needs no introduction... but here is one anywhooz...

I met Tracy while parking my car in a lot in Manhattan. he wasn't as well known as he is now, but I thought he was great. I thought to myself he is either gonna be an asshole or really awesome, if I say hi to him.
I said "what the hell" and did. Tracy you are hilarious. He then gave me a huge bear hug and said
"THANKS A LOT, BABY BITCH" So he's "totes amaze" forever in my book.

Who is Tracy Morgan? The wildly unpredictable funnyman who rocketed to fame on Saturday Night Live? The Emmy-nominated actor behind the sly and ingenious character Tracy Jordan on the award-winning hit sitcom 30 Rock, whose turbulent personal life often mirrors that of his fictional alter ego? Is he Chico Divine, the life of the party--any party, anytime, anywhere, getting ladies pregnant everywhere he goes? Or is he a soulful, tender family man who emerged from a hardscrabble ghetto upbringing and against all odds achieved superstardom, raised a solid family, prevailed over a collection of lethal bad habits, and is still ascending new heights and coming into his own? The answer is: Tracy Morgan is all that. And then some.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blue Cheer Rules - First 6 Albums

I have been listeing to Blue Cheer alot and figured I would share with the rest of ya'll
Blue Cheer were an American psychedelic blues-rock band that initially performed and recorded in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and were sporadically active from that point on until 2009. Based in San Francisco, Blue Cheer played in a psychedelic blues-rock style, and are also credited as being pioneers of heavy metalSummertime Blues" is sometimes cited as the first in the genre), punk rock, stoner rock, doom metal, experimental rock and grunge According to Tim Hills in his book, The Many Lives of the Crystal Ballroom, "Blue Cheer was the epitome of San Francisco psychedelia. The band is named after a street brand of LSD and promoted by renowned LSD chemist and former Grateful Dead patron, Owsley Stanley."  Jim Morrison of The Doors called the group, "The single most powerful band I've ever seen."

Here are their first few LP's

Vincebus Eruptum 

 This record is considered by some to be the first heavy metal album. Certainly, its influence has reverberated throughout the world of highly-amplified rock music since its release, ranging across various stylistic sub-categories, from the psychedelic period through the present. 


Outsideinside is Blue Cheer's second LP, released by Philips Records in August 1968. Its tracks were recorded both outdoors and indoors - hence the title of the album. The record's tracks feature contributions from all members, along with two covers: "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones and "The Hunter" by Booker T. & the M.G.s (also covered by British rock band Free). The album was re-released on CD in 1999 by Italian-based Akarma Records, and included an additional cut from the original sessions entitled "Fortunes" as a bonus track.
Outsideinside was produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh and engineered by Eddie Kramer, who had worked with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Rolling Stones and would later engineer releases by Led Zeppelin and Kiss, among others. The album's cover painting is by "Arab", and was designed by "Gut," legendary Hells Angel. The album photographs were taken by famed rock photographer Jim Marshall. Outsideinside was the last record to feature the original Blue Cheer line-up, as Leigh Stephens left the band after the album was released.
They had to record some songs at Pier 57 as the studio kicked them out for being too loud. When they were recording songs at Pier 57, they were so loud that people on boats complained they could hear the sound at 9 miles (14km) away. Because they recorded songs both outside and inside, they named their 2nd album "Outsideinside"

New! Improved! Blue Cheer 

New! Improved! is the third album by Blue Cheer, first released in March 1969 on Philips Records. It was re-released in 1999 by Italian indie label Akarma Records. The album features Randy Holden on guitar on side B (tracks 7-9). This is the only studio recording of Holden with Blue Cheer.

Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer is the fourth album by Blue Cheer, released in 1969 on Philips Records. Gary Lee Yoder contributed songwriting for the opening and closing tracks and would later join the group as guitarist on their next album The Original Human Being

The Original Human Being (or BC#5) is Blue Cheer's fifth album. It was released in 1970 and shows Blue Cheer exploring a more psychedelic and laid‑back rock 'n' roll with horn sections on a few of the songs. This album features a very unusual, and different, song for Blue Cheer: "Babaji (Twilight Raga)," which features extensive use of sitar and synthesizer. These instruments were only used one other time in the song "I'm the Light" on the album Oh! Pleasant Hope.

Oh! Pleasant Hope  

Oh! Pleasant Hope is the sixth, and last, album by Blue Cheer until 1983's The Beast is Back. This album features less psychedelia and includes more blues-rock, hard rock, with some country rock leanings on some songs. This is an unusual Blue Cheer album in that Dickie Peterson only sings lead on three songs. Another unusual aspect is that the song "I'm the Light" features extensive use of the sitar and synthesizer, although on the previous album The Original Human Being the song "Babaji (Twilight Raga)" also featured extensive use of the aforementioned instruments.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE 2002-06-24 - Amsterdam, NL

Queens Of The Stone Age - 2002-06-24 - Amsterdam, NL
Rye Coalition did a tour with these guys and there was never a dull moment.

This lineup is bad ass:
Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan....

The recording is top notch, the performance is amazing. If you are a Queens fan, you will love this.


Monsters in the Parasol
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
You Would Know
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Hanging Tree
Song for the Dead
I Think I Lost My Headache
No One Knows
Ode to Clarissa
Tension Head
Regular John
Do It Again
God is in the Radio
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise & Everybody's Got To Clap

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise & Everybody Got To Clap

Jimmy Page plays on Surprise while John Bonham lends his skills to Everybody's Got To Clap

Both songs awesome. Enjoy

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise

Lulu & The Lovers - Everybody's Got To Clap

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crisis Of Conformity


The father of the bride puts the band back together

spot on punk homage

fist fight in the parking lot!!!!

Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies/Keep Moving 1965 45 Single

Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies/Keep Moving 1965 45 Single

Jimmy Page's first solo recording was a single for Fontana Records in 1965 which he plays multiple instruments and sings lead vocal The A Side featured "She Just Satisfies". The B-side was "Keep Moving'". 

Enjoy, these songs are  great

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rye Coalition - Hard Luck/High School

Rye Coalition - Hard Luck/High School
These were the final 2 recordings with vocals that we did.

When Jimmy Iovine wanted to hear our hit before he released our album on Interscope.

Kept saying "I don't hear a hit."
No shit Sherlock, we didn't write hits...
His famous quote was "I wanna hear their 'Dirty Deeds' "So Justin & Jon went home and wrote out the structure, chord changes, etc of "Dirty Deeds" and we gave him 2 songs that were almost IDENTICAL to that. They are fun to listen to, no reinvention of the wheel here....We still rocked harder than 99.9% of bands   Enjoy, bitches.

Golden - Rhythm Beat Jazz

Golden - Rhythm Beat Jazz
This 2 song 12 inch rules.

Don't sleep on it.

These guys should have been HUGE.

They are in Extra Golden now. Check them out

Golden - Super Golden Original Movement

Golden - Super Golden Original Movement,g/Super-Golden-Original-Movement-tira-me-a-las-aranas-blogspot-com.html
You should download this ASAP....

Golden is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Oberlin, Ohio. Since Golden's members are also involved with other, more well-known bands, Golden is often considered more of a side project than a full-fledged band in its own right.

Golden's sound is an amalgamation of many rock styles, but also includes rhythms and influences of many styles from around the world (likely due to guitarist Ian Eagleson working as an ethnomusicologist).