Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Prank Phone Calls - Neil Hamburger

Great Prank Phone Calls - Neil Hamburger

Words can not describe how funny this is.

Great collection of prank calls by comedian Neil Hamburger and the infamous underground prankster and head of the now defunct Armarillo records Gregg Turkington. These are hillarious phone calls made to businesses, comedy clubs, and pizza joints in the bay area. There are few people better at the prank call than Gregg Turkington, and on this album he is at his best. And for Neil Hamburger enthusiasts this is where his comedy career started, by making prank calls. All in all a classic comedy album, and a must for any prank call comedy enthusiast.

I'm In Your Band
Cancel It!
Hijinx and a Child
A Score to Settle
Blood Pizza
Graduate of Yaoo
(Write My) Name on the Toilet
You're Not Good Enough
A Special Request
Rock and Roll
Pickle Potato
The Man from HOTT
Music of the Night
 A Nationally-Known Comedian
 I Got Shot
Nude Models
Nobody Seem to Love Me
SF Hotline
Pablo Cruise Fan Club

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