Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise & Everybody's Got To Clap

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise & Everybody Got To Clap

Jimmy Page plays on Surprise while John Bonham lends his skills to Everybody's Got To Clap

Both songs awesome. Enjoy

Lulu & The Lovers - Surprise, Surprise

Lulu & The Lovers - Everybody's Got To Clap

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crisis Of Conformity


The father of the bride puts the band back together

spot on punk homage

fist fight in the parking lot!!!!

Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies/Keep Moving 1965 45 Single

Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies/Keep Moving 1965 45 Single

Jimmy Page's first solo recording was a single for Fontana Records in 1965 which he plays multiple instruments and sings lead vocal The A Side featured "She Just Satisfies". The B-side was "Keep Moving'". 

Enjoy, these songs are  great

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rye Coalition - Hard Luck/High School

Rye Coalition - Hard Luck/High School
These were the final 2 recordings with vocals that we did.

When Jimmy Iovine wanted to hear our hit before he released our album on Interscope.

Kept saying "I don't hear a hit."
No shit Sherlock, we didn't write hits...
His famous quote was "I wanna hear their 'Dirty Deeds' "So Justin & Jon went home and wrote out the structure, chord changes, etc of "Dirty Deeds" and we gave him 2 songs that were almost IDENTICAL to that. They are fun to listen to, no reinvention of the wheel here....We still rocked harder than 99.9% of bands   Enjoy, bitches.

Golden - Rhythm Beat Jazz

Golden - Rhythm Beat Jazz
This 2 song 12 inch rules.

Don't sleep on it.

These guys should have been HUGE.

They are in Extra Golden now. Check them out

Golden - Super Golden Original Movement

Golden - Super Golden Original Movement,g/Super-Golden-Original-Movement-tira-me-a-las-aranas-blogspot-com.html
You should download this ASAP....

Golden is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Oberlin, Ohio. Since Golden's members are also involved with other, more well-known bands, Golden is often considered more of a side project than a full-fledged band in its own right.

Golden's sound is an amalgamation of many rock styles, but also includes rhythms and influences of many styles from around the world (likely due to guitarist Ian Eagleson working as an ethnomusicologist).