Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bobby Day "Just A Feeling In The Ghetto (Parts 1 & 2)" Byrdland Records

This record blew me away. You MUST DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!

The vocals are 100 times louder than the music.
It doesn't seem to be recorded very well, but there is something in the groove that hypnotizes me.
The drummer is amazing, the bass player, keys. EVERYTHING.
Los Angeles lo-fi funk obscurity from the same man as the cut "Your Love" 45.
Really odd, moody vibe on this one, doesn't turn up much at all.

I believe Oliver Wang over at SoulSides
is selling this record (and other amazing slices of vinyl) on ebay.
There are audio clips as well so you can hear what you are getting

Here is the link to this particular records auction home

Check it out and soul sides.

Artist: Bobby Day

Tracks: Just A Feeling In The Ghetto (Parts 1 & 2)
Label: Byrdland
Record Condition: NM/NM with slight dish warp not affecting play

Right click, save as, you know the drill....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Jeff is from Kearny, NJ and plays really sad folk-esque songs like early SEBADOH or NEIL YOUNG. I've recieved letters from people saying they literally cried because the songs were so sad. I found that odd. Nowadays, everyone and their father has a solo project. Jeff did it before it was cool. (Troubleman Unlimited Wesbite)

This is  a sampling of my favorite songs from this CD. Mostly culled from the sessions at Dave Lerner's with Dave on Bass and my brother Gregg on Drums. Done live in his basement. One take. PERFECT. He was New Jersey's own J Mascis combined with Neil Young.

Everything abou tthis makes me think of my early 20's. Not having a care in the world. Every band wanted to be the craziest, the loudest, the screamiest. Jeff had it right. Always did.

He's hilarious and a nice guy, to boot. These songs got me through some tough times...
If you get  a chance to see them play live, you should. It's a good time.

Here are some vids too.

No Fun Camp