Friday, September 10, 2010

Gordon Voidwell - Voided Checks Mixtape

Gordon Voidwell - The Voided Check Mixtape


Met this dude on a crazy 15 hour job, lots of downtime, and a new friendship occured.
Imagine everything you love about electro hip hop, funk R & B and combine that into one
talented, funny ass, extremely witty,  dude.

Not to be confused with the Gordon Gartrell shirt Theo bought on  The Cosby Show.

He is the real deal, 100% legit, amazing musician, songwriter,  singer & all around good dude.

From his bio:
Will Johnson and his alter-ego, Gordon Voidwell, are a lot things – a trained vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and even published fashion writer. Just like the man behind the moniker, Voidwell’s retro-futuristic pop is a unique yet unified blend of various styles. He combines the silky vocals of 80’s funk and R&B singers with infectious electro beats and a hip-hop swagger that flows effortlessly from the native New Yorker.

“I love this shit. I play it on my radio show, in my house AND in my sets”
—MARK RONSON (Grammy Award-winning Producer Of The Year)

“Gordon Voidwell’s rumbling analog funk, combined with his elastic voice sounds instantly familiar and instantly likable”

“New York's Best Up And Comer”
—Huffington Post

Go see him live if you can
10/06 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/07 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/08 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival
10/09 NEW YORK, NY Crown Point Festival


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